Terms & Conditions

Please note that the below terms are for all our clients & prospects. These may or may not be mentioned in any agreement before the project is signed up. It is assumed that client has read about our company and accepted the below terms once he has started working with us by paying us advances.

Project Cancellation:

If the project gets cancelled in spite of work done to date (Matching Deadlines) then Procezio Systems PVT. LTD will stop working on the project on an immediate basis & any dues which are pending from Client will be cleared within 15 days to Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd.


Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd is not liable to pay client any refund any amount in case of project cancellation or dispute due to any circumstances.


Client cannot enforce any fine in case of delay in Project development or any other dispute amounts both the parties.

Code Handover:

If there is a dispute during the course of development then Procezio Systems Pvt Ltd will immediately hand over the code to the client.