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Ecommerse Case Study

The Client

ConLiv is among the leading online package food delivery providers across Pune. It boasts an exhaustive list of ready to cook food preparation including sprouts, fruit medley, salads, etc. to consumers in and around Pune. Recently, Procezio launched the at Vegeteria app for ConLiv that would simplify the otherwise mundane and difficult to routine tasks such as preserving user information and details, order receipts, etc. with which ConLiv had been struggling for quite some time.


One of the leading online packaged food delivery platforms was confronted with multiple back end as well as front end concerns including tracking and recording user information, vendor database management, timely order receipts, instant order confirmation mechanism, order delegation system, and several front end concerns such as enroute order tracking, online tracking of the status of the order, and others.

There was no automated mechanism that would help track the source or the location of the order. Besides, other issues such as the lack of an online order tracking mechanism, online order status tracking system, etc. were making the handling of order management, recurring phone calls, order delivery, etc. extremely challenging for the operations team.

The Solution

Procezio suggested transferring the entire show on a handy and comprehensively competent mobile app and developed the following features.

  • Online Order receipt system
  • Maintaining a record of all the past as well as current orders, along with the source or the location of the order
  • Tagging each order with a unique confirmation number, thereby simplifying order identification for the customers as well as the staff at ConLiv
  • Relaying instant messages to the delivery staff
  • Giving instant order confirmations to the clients, along with the approximate delivery time
  • Offering an online and enroute order tracking mechanism to help the customers know the status of their order and the estimated arrival time
  • A feedback mechanism to help understand the customer’s thoughts and feedback on the order and the product delivered
  • A backend administrator access to comprehensive analytical reports to understand the order trends, patterns, in-demand products, on-time deliveries, delayed deliveries, delayed order processing, customer feedback, customer complaints (within this the company was able to identify recurring complaints), and information through various other fields
  • A safe and reliable payment gateway
  • A central backup for information received on a daily basis
  • Sending automated updates to consumers on new products, developments, etc

The Result

Here’s how Procezio’s at Vegeteria application helped ConLiv simplify and augment business across its large consumer base.

  • Timely order receipts and confirmations
  • Accurate order tracking at all times
  • Generation of comprehensive reports to understand the business in a better manner, thus fostering informed decision making
  • Simplified payment process and gateway thus ensuring safe and reliable payments for the orders placed