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Companies, regardless of their business type or market that they serve, print catalogs on a large scale, with an expectation to increase awareness among the target audience, prospects, and to reach the table of every prospect, which could be looking out for a similar product. Printing brochures or catalogs is a conventional practice. But, can someone tell what happens to the catalog once the leave the prospect’s conference room?

There are high chances that the catalog is buried down in a drawer, or forgotten over a period of time, with a possibility that the customer only glances through it, without reading it in detail! This could let all the costs, time, and efforts incurred in writing, preparing and printing the catalog could go down the drain. So, what is the solution here?

The Solution

Procezio’s branding app comes in as a solution for every company who’s looking forward to sharing e-catalogs with its customers, perhaps, not necessarily from the viewpoint of saving printing costs, but with the purpose of reaching the prospect’s mobile phone. The app offers customized features based on the industry served, the type of clientele, and also the specific requirements of the catalog or the informative material.

Regardless of the industry or the product, this branding app allows you to upload the catalog or product information, and further also facilitates an interactive platform to the user, thus contributing to enhanced user experience. Nonetheless, in case customers demand some extremely specific and customized features for their own customers, this app could be tailored to their demands.

The Result or the Benefits of Procezio’s Branding App

How does this branding app benefit? It does in several ways. Here are some of the benefits that Procezio’s branding app brings to the table.

  • A considerable reduction in cost incurred in printing physical catalogs
  • E-catalogs make updating technical specifications simpler as compared to physical ones, which, ones printed will have to be entirely re-printed with the changes incorporated.
  • The app doesn’t limit you geographically, as against physical catalogs. It helps you reach every corner of the market
  • The app facilitates an enquiry tab that helps the customers submit their enquiries, which directly reach the vendor’s enquiry box
  • The app allows you to upload user manuals and training videos to help customers refer to them whenever and wherever they want
  • Customers receive automated notifications or updates pertaining to any developments, upgrades, or new product launches that take place, thus eradicating the need to send manual emails, SMSs, physical visits, or calling each and every customer to convey the information